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Give the gift of Wellness:

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Welcome to
The Complementary ​Wellness Center

We help you get and stay well naturally!


Prevention is still the BEST Medicine
...and the prevailing philosophy at

The Complementary Wellness Center
(located in Orange County, NY near the corner of Scotchtown Ave. and 211 East in Middletown)

Imagine being 10, 20, or even 80 percent healthier than you are now and how much better would you feel!  Most of our patients want to participate more in family activities
and some even want to run that marathon they’ve been talking about for years.  

If getting healthier is a burning desire for you, come heal in a beautiful modern setting. 

Through simple, in–house diagnostic evaluation and hands on healing techniques,
The Complementary Wellness Center, with fully licensed Practitioners,
creates individualized care plans for every patient.  

Your health is our mission. 
We provide preventive health care, as well as symptomatic care.  
We seek to identify and eliminate the cause of an individuals current state and not just the symptoms, and assist the body in it's ability to function properly and at optimal levels.  
Including its ability to repair cells, tissues, and organs.